Change Log

Keep up to date with the latest changes made to Dottie. All changes made are by @luke__duncan. This change log shows major platform updates. Minor tweaks and bug fixes are being deployed daily. We do not share the majority of these.

May 2019

[NEW FEATURE] Organize Your Schedule On A Map

We've created a feature where you can now keep track of all the venues your clients will be hosting their event at. This gives you an easy way to see where you need to be on event day. This feature was built using Mapbox

April 2019

Suggested Actions

A new section has been added to the user dashboard. We now recommend suggested actions you can take. Whether it be adding a new client, editing a proposal for a certain client that needs to be completed and more.

April 2019

Minor Bug Updates

We added the ability to change password within the user account, adding business avatar etc. We also had reports of line items not saving correctly. All has been fixed.

March 2019

[Continued] Agreement Uploads

We added the ability now to download a PDF version of the agreement and proposal combined.

March 2019

Agreement Uploads

From feedback, we knew that users really wanted the ability to upload agreements with their proposals. The difference being that agreements usually include all the legal jargon that comes with working with the users business. We now have the ability to include an agreement PDF alongside your proposal. A client can now view the proposal and agreement, and sign both when they are happy with the conditions.

February 2019

Background Picture Updates

Users were having trouble with uploading and selecting a background image for their proposal. We have now made it a lot easier to upload images that scale nicely. We also added the ability to select a plain color to be your background for your proposal.

January 2019

Sales Tax 💸

We have now officially added sales tax to proposals. You can toggle sales tax to be generated on or off for a proposal. We include handy links to view what your sales tax will be, and you can then input this rate within the proposal. The feature automatically calculates sales tax for you depending on all the line items created.

November 2018

Client Dashboard Redesign

After user feedback, we redesigned the client dashboard. The page is split up into easy to digest sections that include: quick info, send proposal (emails), event information, and payment schedule. We also give direct links to edit and preview the proposal.

October 2018

[BETA] Online Payments

We have opened our online payments feature to select users. This gives you the ability to receive payment online through a payment link provided to your clients. Right now the feature works utilizing Stripe. To collect payment, you need to sign up for a Stripe Account, then simply connect your Stripe account on the online payment page.

If you would like access to this beta feature, please contact

September 2018

Payments ordered by due date

Quick bug fix to show payments by their due date.

September 2018

[NEW FEATURE] Added My Inventory

After a few user requests, we've added the ability to quick-add items to your proposal from your own inventory. As of right now, you can select items when editing your proposals to add in. We are currently working towards adding the ability to manage your inventory count, pricing and more. Stay tuned.

August 2018

Fixed Proposal Calculation Bugs

Some proposal totals we're a few cents off when line items were being created. We've spent a lot of time putting work into our calculators and now they are better than ever.

August 2018

Dashboard Re-Design

After some user feedback, we've now incorporated quick data into our dashboard view. Quickly view how much money your owed, how many payments are due, how many clients you have created and more.

Also view your latest clients, payments and more.

July 2018

🎉 Dottie is released! 🎉

We are happy to share with you that Dottie has been released into the world!