Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Dottie cost?

Dottie is $15 a month. We bill you every month on the date of the original payment date.

For example, if my first month payment was made on April 15th, the next payment would be billed on May 15th.

Who was Dottie built for?

We built Dottie for small businesses and individuals in the event industry. We love helping out entrepreneurs and we think Dottie is the perfect solution.

Can I try Dottie for free without putting in a credit card?

Of course! We have a 30 day free trial that does not require any credit card. At the end of the 30 days, we'll ask you to provide payment information through a secure payment form.

Who makes this website?

Amanda & Luke got married in 2018 and while planning the wedding, realized that proposals were a real pain. They asked all of our vendors if they were content with the way they were currently building out proposals. Every single one said they were not happy but had no other way. From that moment the idea for Dottie was born.

Amanda & Luke handle everything on Dottie. From the development, marketing, customer support and sales. Luke has a background in Software Engineering and Amanda with a background in marketing has allowed Dottie to move quickly working on feedback from Event Professionals to make Dottie the best event proposals software on the internet.

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