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Get Started Creating a Proposal

A guide on how to setup your first client, proposal and more. It's easy to get started with Dottie!

1. Create a Client

Once you've signed up, you'll be taken to your dashboard. From your dashboard you can create a client. You'll be able to enter the clients name, email, event venue and event date. Dottie uses the information to give you quick access to your clients details.

To the side you'll see a picture of what your dashboard will look like. The blinking icon is where you'll find quick access to easily add a new client. You can also create clients from the client tab located in your menu.

What your dashboard will look like

2. Create Proposal For Client

Now that you've created your first client. You can now create a proposal for them! See the blinking icon for where the button is located.

From this page, you can also:

  • See if you sent the proposal to the client
  • View the current total amount created for the proposal
  • View the total number of line items in your proposal
  • Check if you uploaded an agreement for the client
  • View any notes you input about the client

You'll also see a payment schedule section. This is where you can list out the different payments that need to be made by the client. Once you have created these payments, you can edit them to show they've been paid, pending etc.

Individual Client Page

3. Add Line Items To Proposal

You are now on the proposal page. You can add line items for what services you will be providing for your client. When you are updating a line item, our platform automatically saves your input. You will see a "Proposal Saved Successfully" message when it has been updated.

Our online proposal editor also updates the prices automatically so you don't have to sit and calculate each line item.

In the proposal editor, you can:

  • Add a line item and edit the name, quantity and price
  • Add a line item from your inventory (if you've created any items)
  • Select or upload a background image for your proposal
  • Upload an agreement for the client
  • Create any notes you have about this clients event
The client proposal page

4. Explore

This will get you up and running! There are many more features to discover within Dottie. You can preview your proposal which will give you a live look at what your client will see. You can go back to your client page, and send the proposal to your client.

If you have any questions from here on out, don't hesitate to contact us!

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